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Globus Logisys, a brainchild of Mr. Anil Agarwal, came into existence in 2003 and built on the ethos of pioneering spirit, distinctive experience, and sheer perseverance. Globus Logisys is one of the most customized international logistic service provider and progressively expanding supply chain partner to top most business organizations and government agencies within India and other 126 worldwide.

In order to expand Globus Logisys global footprints as well as its service spectrum, Mr. Agarwal decided to start his operational center at Mumbai. Since then, it has grown from strength to strength and have expanded our horizons by establishing regional presence in cities such as Delhi(NCR), Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kanpur, Panipat and Pune. We also have office across the border including Nepal, Bhutan and Japan.

Bringing together the best equipment and the best resources to empower people with the simplest of solutions to shape their biggest dreams.
With the coming of new challenges every day, our mission is to strive ahead with creative and innovative use of systems that serve these demands. Taking these changing times head-on we will strive to emerge bigger, stronger and faster with our positive attitude, new age inventions, committed and transparent work culture.

Core Values

1. Clients Come First : We assure to solve complex problems of our clients. Freight logistics, supply chain management and ancillary support requirements are the focal point of all our services.

2. Quality And Safety : Our comprehensive quality assurance systems at every stage in the logistics chain, meet the most stringent and safety standards.

3. Reliable Partnerships : Along with strengthening our local roots and networks, we make sure we think beyond the confines of national boundaries by expanding our global footprints through overseas branches, partnerships and tie-ups.

4. Innovation : At Globus Logisys, we encourage innovation in every aspect. To achieve success, we see human capital, technology and training as investment and not cost.

5. Social Responsibility : Green ethos runs seamlessly through all our operation. Maximizing efficiency while minimizing ecological impact is what we strive for to make our logistics network greener.

Chairman's Message

The technological landscape is accelerating the change at a breakneck pace. Its impact on the transportation modes, terminals and distribution centers has necessitated international logistics and freight forwarding stakeholders to adapt themselves to the changing global trade dynamics.

As we continue to develop our own strategies and integrate them in our value chain, we are prepared to meet the rising consumer expectations and effectively deal with future challenges.

We at Globus Logisys, honor our commitments and continuously strive to be an integral cog in the wheel of our clients’ success.



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